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5ghz preference

New Contributor
Is there any way to steer client devices toward using the 5ghz band rather than not offering 2.4 on the access point? Almost all of the devices in our network tend to connect at 2.4 even though they're perfectly capable of 5.

Valued Contributor II
Here's a great video discussion of Band Steering - which is the feature you're looking for:

New Contributor III
Lee, there will always be adamant clients which won't get steered to 5ghz even though there is 5ghz WLAN available as preference is set to 2.4 ghz on those clients however in some clients i have noticed that you can tweak this behaviour by making 5ghz as default.
Or set the 5G band as a different SSID.
or if this is specific AP area issue then you can just turn off WLAN service for that ZD controlled AP for 2.4 ghz so that client will be auto forced to connect to 5ghz.

Hope this helps.

New Contributor III
Our Bandsteering feature is enabled by default on our controller and this feature is not available on standalone mode.

Ram, any ideas if this feature is ever going to make it into standalone mode?