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5ghz preference

New Contributor
Is there any way to steer client devices toward using the 5ghz band rather than not offering 2.4 on the access point? Almost all of the devices in our network tend to connect at 2.4 even though they're perfectly capable of 5.

This is a great conversation that's separate from the main topic, so I created a new topic to continue the discussion. Please reference the new topic here: Is there any way to disable band-steering?

New Contributor III
Had to do exactly this a while AP was mounted in an area where 2.4GHZ is just terrible (non wi-fi interference that can't be removed...long story).

Created another WLAN that is 5GHZ only (i.e. disabled 2.4GHZ Radio)

I called the SSID "DPC Wi-Fi 5GHZ".
The original 2.4/5 WLAN remains; SSID is still "DPC Wi-Fi".

Had the clients I want to connect to 5GHZ only connect to "DPC Wi-Fi 5GHZ". Works great.

PROS: it works
CONS: minimal overhead because now there's two WLANs instead of one. HOWEVER, it's very minimal, nothing that can't be handled effortlessly.

Hello DRC, but how you really configured that?
u only use a 2 group the default and an 5ghz correct?
where in the 5ghz group u only deploy the ssid of 5ghz, but my doubt is how u really configure the ap group without the 2.4 ? and still have it working with the DPC Wi-Fi on 2.4 ?

New Contributor III
Hello Nuno,

I. RE: "how you really configured that", here are the actual steps:

1. Configure > WLAN > WLANs - Create new > DPC Wi-Fi 5GHZ > OK
2. Configure > WLAN > WLAN Groups - Create new > 5GHZ > Check DPC Wi-Fi 5GHZ > Uncheck DPC Wi-Fi > OK
3. Configure > WLAN > WLAN Groups - default - edit > Members - check both DPC-Wi-Fi 5GHZ and DPC-Wi-Fi > OK

4. Configure > Access Points > ap in question - edit > Radio B/G/N (2.4GHZ) - check WLAN Group > Select Default > Radio A/N (5GHZ) - check WLAN Group > Select 5GHZ > OK

II. Correct
III. That's how I configured it.
IV. Yes sir, DPC Wi-Fi clients connect on 2.4GHZ only because this is the only SSID enabled on 2.4GHZ radio. Vice versa with DPC Wi-Fi 5GHZ, which is the only SSID enabled on the 5GHZ radio.

I am using ZD1100, and six zf7962 for this example. Fire up a channel analyzer, and you'll see DPC Wi-Fi only on 2.4 channels, and not on 5GHZ channels, and vice versa for the other SSID.

Hope this helps you.

New Contributor
So the only way to truly do this I am seeing,,,,, is to disable 2.4 on selected radios???