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unleashed problem

New Contributor


if are any way too factory the access point unleashed?


Contributor II

Yes, if you hold the reset button down for 10-20 seconds it will factory default the AP.  This button is a small black button on the back of AP.

What model do you have?

yes i know about the reset button but i want to reset my unleashed access  point to standalone and i I tried  the factory system ,but nothing change!

i have access point r310 and h320

Contributor II

Ok sorry - not sure why you would want to do this unless you plan to connect it to a controller or cloud though.

Through your support account you can download the standalone firmware for your AP.  In the admin section to Unleashed where you can 'upgrade' the device use the standalone code you downloaded.  When it reboots it will be back in to standalone.


Note that you have to get past the Unleashed wizard first so just set up anything, in order to be then able to log back in to the UI and complete the process mentioned.

You can also upgrade the firmware via CLI - but I'd recommend to use GUI unless you have some challenges as it is simpler.

thank you