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r510 slow connection since upgrade

New Contributor II

I ran the troubleshooting Speedtest between 2 R510 AP's and it is very slow. Before it reached 980mbit between 3 AP's. This is since upgrade to v14 I believe. Wifi seems to drop internet after lease ends as well. Trying to figure out what the problem is. Reboots and cables checked. Cable still the same draka cat6 and connectors all cat6a. My level1 switch had troubles and resetted a lot and now it's dead , took it out and connected pc directly to the r510 2nd port. Before it was my tv-tuner that was not working, stream slow and stopped after few secs. Was fixed with newer 200.12 firmware. Then the wifi speed spiking all the time,  fixed with 200.13. Now wifi crap again while it on 200.14 and terrible link speed in between AP's. I thought I bought professional accespoints, but it seems every time there is something. Very annoying as my 1gbit internet spikes all the time too. Ranging from 245-530mbit on wifi with half of it as upload. Ranging from 255-730mbit on cable. How can I check or try solve this ?