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multicasting over the static routing

New Contributor

hi , 

we are having two different network , connected through the static route but its not taking multicasting from one network to other network . please can anyone let me know how to configure the multicasting over the static route.



What hardware are you using and do you have multicast enabled?

New Contributor III

HI , thank you for your response.

We are having two buildings, each building having its own core siwtch and network. We are using icx 7450 as core switch for the both buildings. We used ip pim sparse for multicasting both the sides. 

we created vlan 10 on the both core switch and connected fiber on vlan 10 , vlan 10 having lag ports. We are using static routes to communicate with the other building which is working fine. Multicast is working absolutely fine within the same network. My concern is only to enable multicast over the static routes. 

thank you alot. Please let me know what we can do to resolve the issue.

What version of IOS are you on?

Multicast will use the static routing tables or OSPF/BGP routing tables to forward traffic correctly.  Do you have PIM enabled globally or on specific vlan's?