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iOS - Loosing DPSK - Apple "Share your Wifi" Feature

Contributor III
i am using DPSKs. Today Customer told me that his both iOS 11 Devices always loosing the DPSK Key. After reconnecting with the SSID it works again. Other Users don't have this issue.

After some investigation i read a new iOS 11 Feature which shares Wifi Passwords with Contacts and other iOS Devices which are connected with same Apple ID. Sharing Wifi Passwords between Contacts always asks for it (Whould you like to share your Wifi Password?).But iOS Devices which connected to the same Apple ID share their Password without asking. So Users with two or more iOS Devices always had issues with DPSKs.
I also did not find any Information how to disable this feature.Did somebody else see this with iOS 11 and how did you handle this?

Thanks and KR

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Marco,

We have an option called 'Limit DPSK' to limit the no.of devices per user. 

Please enable this option if you want to limit the user to only one device.

We did not observe any issues with sharing the wifi password between the iOS devices.

- Anusha