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Ruckus Unleashed vs Microsoft Network policy server as radius

New Contributor

I need some help configuring a set of 4 ruckus unleashed APs with WPA2 enterprise with microsoft NPS (server 2016) as radius.

Everything seems to be configured on the server, certificates from my internal CA, network policies for wireless clients, group policies for certificate auto enrollment (servers, computers, auto renew etc) but there's no authentication from the radius clients.

There's any tutorial available? I found some for ZD, cloudpath but none for unleashed.

Thanks in advance.

New Contributor III
Hi Christian,

Are you seeing authencation attempts in event viewer? There's a filter for IAS events.


New Contributor
Thanks for the reply Phil. I just found the solution.

Yesterday I installed a Server 2019 Datacenter as my NPS. My Active directory servers are 2016. Somehow even without event viewer errors the NPS was not working.

A pretty strange error: The NPS service was up and running, all configs but absolutely no logs whatsoever. No success, error or auth logs.

I installed a Server 2016 datacenter with the same role today and achieved perfect authentication.

Maybe it's some kind of server 2019 error, but at least I got all APs up and running.