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how to use mbss cli command

New Contributor II

I have used mbss command for r750 solo version.

how to use mbss setting in unleashed 200.9.0version?


Valued Contributor

Hi Suhyeon,

Are you referring to the CLI setting for the BSS Minimum data-rate?

If so the Unleashed command is, for example to set the minimum data-rate at 12Mbps:

ruckus(config-wlan)# bss-minrate 12

You're probably already aware but you will first need to load the WLAN you want the BSS minimum data-rate config to apply to.  E.g.:

ruckus(config)# wlan ruckus2

The details are in the Unleashed CLI documenation on the Ruckus support site (you will need an active support contract to access).

Hope that helps,

sorry, I referred to the cli for multiple bssid T.T

Please can you explain what it is you want to achieve? Multiple SSIDs on the same AP?

The Multiple BSSID is similar to Multiple SSIDs. But Multiple BSSID element collapses information for multiple BSSIDs (= SSIDs) into one single beacon frame.