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creating network with multiple WAPs

New Contributor

Hello. I've very new at this. I recently found a r510 in a yard sale for $5. I have a Linksys EA6350 that I would love to extend the range of wirelessly. How do I combine these two bad boys to get strong wifi downstairs? I've upgraded the software of the 510 to unleashed, but I'm having trouble figuring out what to do from here. Bridge? Mesh? Gateway? Portal to another dimension? 


Valued Contributor

Hi Yale,

As you have two different brands, I would say the best option is to wire them both with network cable in their own area and setup each device separate.

We only support mesh between Ruckus - Ruckus devices.



Contributor III

Hi Yale,

       What a find for $5 🙂 for the Ruckus R510, but question is does it work and the LED for the power turn green vs always RED.  Just want to make sure it works.

  My first question to you is how big is your place in sq ft?

Second question what version of Linksys EA6350 you have? it should say on the bottom of the router.  If no version then it's version 1. Hopefully you have version 3 since you'll have an option to flash it to OPENWRT.

Anyway, as for extending the range question is the answer is NO.

However,  If the ruckus R510 you have is working. You can use it as the main Wifi AP and shut off the wifi for the EA6350. 

I would suggest using the Linksys EA6350 as a wired router and have the Wifi shut off and plug the R510 to one of the ethernet ports of the Linksys EA6350. 

Hopefully, the version of the R510 you have has unleashed loaded or you can flash it to unleashed.  Also hoping you have a POE injector.

Note: the R510 will easily have much longer range than your Linksys EA6350 and be a lot more reliable.

For an R510, it can  cover 2500 sq ft 2 story home if placed in the center of a home.