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ZoneFlex R310 Radius Configuration/Speed Issues

New Contributor II
We have five ZF R310 Unleashed WAPs in our environment in a mesh. Currently I have two wireless networks, one running WPA2 and the other using Radius.

I am using local Windows server CA and Radius (NPS). This is all on the same local LAN under the same subnet.

I have been able to get Radius authentication to work, but the speeds are extremely poor using Radius authentication. I expected some slowdown, but we are looking at speeds of 50 up/down for WPA2 and 0.1 up/down for Radius.

I haven't set up a Radius server before using Windows nor have I used Ruckus for Radius authentication. I don't know if this is a limitation of our hardware or if this is misconfigured.

Are there any Radius guru's out there that might be able to shed some light on this? I'm willing to post non-identifying configuration information at your request.\

Thanks in advance!

New Contributor II

I'm pretty sure that the r310 unleashed don't support mesh. Maybe you're just picking up the one ap that is working?


New Contributor II
You would appear to be correct Gideon. The Mesh configuration is enabled but clearly not operational. Regardless of that, my issues reside with the Radius configuration. Do you have any experience with that?

New Contributor II
Which firmware version you are using? Problem sounds quite similar as in this thread: 

New Contributor II
JSo, thanks for this! I am currently using and experiencing the same issues. I'll be opening a ticket as suggested in the thread and requesting that firmware to see if it resolves my issues as well.

Thanks again!