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ZoneDirector (ZD) Are different firmware versions allowed?

New Contributor III
We currently have an Unleashed network on 200.7.
However, R500's (end of support: 2024) do not support 200.8 or later. Adding a 200.8 device to the network caused severe issues (R500's on 200.7 started rebooting). 

We have quite a few, and they are not old devices, so we do not feel it is warranted to replace these yet. 

I would like to know if ZoneDirector supports APs on different firmware versions.
Reasoning: I assume that R500 firmware will stop being updated at some point and would not want these to become paperweights.

I am aware that vSZ does, per this article: 
but could not find the same article for ZD.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Hi John,

No, ZD do not supports multiple AP firmware versions like vSZ.

I would suggest using vSZ with different AP zone firmware, as per your requirement.

vSZ supports 3 major versions at a time.

Syamantak Omer

Syamantak Omer | Sr.Staff TSE | CWNA | CCNA | RASZA | RICXI

Valued Contributor
Hi John,

Just to reiterate Syamantak's comments: SmartZone can absolutely support different firmware types. It is one of the platform's main features for customer investment protection.

The principle being that the controller software can be updated to support the latest generation APs and individual Zones configured on the controller can have older firmware in order to support legacy model APs and newer software to support new types of AP e.g. Wi-Fi 6.


New Contributor III
I will engage the customer and see if he'd prefer to replace the R500's and stick with Unleashed or scope a vSZ installation/licensing & flash firmware on all existing APs.

Thank you for the response.