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Wireless Ethernet Bridge (NETGEAR WNCE2001)

New Contributor II
I have a customer that I provided an unleashed solution to. It was a simple install, and has worked flawlessly. Finally a price point that allows me to compete.. I have one issue, the customer has a device with only a LAN card, and no display whatsoever. I am looking for a LAN to wireless bridge that I can plug into an AC outlet and convert the LAN to a wireless connection. After doing some research, and knowing that my best option would be to add another R500 Unleashed AP, and use it as a Wireless bridge, but I cannot propose this due to the price point of another R500. I found information on the Forum page stating that all options are poor performers, especially if the device that will be connected is in limited use. I found the NETGEAR WNCE2001 as my best option.

ANY suggestions would be helpful..