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Whitelist device list on AP

New Contributor
Is it possible to set up a some kind of whitelist for devices that try to connect to access point? I mean, I have a R510 Indoor Access Point in the office and want guests to be able to connect to it when visiting after reading terms and stuff. However though I know there are a few devices that should be able to connect automatically - preferably to the same network so I don't have to create third one (main network is used for some crucial data that shouldn't be accessible). 

To illustrate:
1. My company laptop should connect to the main network as trusted device. This is done - it uses unique user/pass combination. All clear.
2. Some random customer with a mobile or laptop can connect to guest network after entering password on web interface and accepting terms - that's done.
3. However, my private mobile should also connect to this guest network (not main one) to download updates or something but without me reentering the pass everyday. Can I register this mobile in some kind of guest whitelist?

New Contributor III
Hi Tom,

Not knowing what method you use to provision/configure your AP's and if I'm understanding your question correctly, you might be able to use "Guest Passes". This is discussed in the SmartZone manual page 179.

Here is the link.
This is also discussed on the unleashed manual on page 100.

Here is the link

Please review and let me know if that points you in the right direction. 

One quick addition. You may want to look at page 117 of the unleashed user guide. It talks about guest passes.