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What is the difference between the 9U1-R510-US00 and the 901-R510-US00?

Contributor II
I can't find any details on why they are sold by the same dealers but why they are different prices.

New Contributor II
9U1 is the unleashed firmware and 901 is the cloud/controller firmware.  Depending on stock levels, we'll reflash one or the other if necessary.  The pricing difference may be due to incentives on one SKU, but not the other (current unleashed is cheaper).

Contributor II
Thanks!!   Is there an easy place to download the two different firmwares?

You'll have to have entitlement to access, but you can download the current Unleashed firmware for all models here:

or the cloud/controller R510 here:

Thanks again.   Even if I had just one AP, why wouldn't I want to run the unleashed version of the software?