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WPA2/WPA3-Mixed 192-bit & Transition Disable Indication

New Contributor

I have a WPA2/WPA3-Mixed network authenticating with EAP-TLS on a RADIUS server. Android 12 devices connect to this network using WPA2, whereas I would prefer they connect using WPA3. However, when I set up a WPA3-only network (not mixed), leaving all other settings identical, the devices connect using WPA3 192-bit mode.

  1. Is the behaviour using WPA2/WPA3-Mixed expected? Has anyone successfully connected their Android 12 devices using WPA3 to a WPA2/WPA3-Mixed mode network?
  2. Is there a way to indicate preference for WPA3 over WPA2 in a mixed-mode network?
  3. Android 12 supports Transition Disable indication in the WPA3 standard. Is it possible to enable this in Unleashed 200.12 if it's not already enabled by default?

APs: R510, Unleashed (

STAs: Pixel 3a, Android 12 (SP2A.220305.012)

Thanks in advance!


New Contributor II

Necrobump.  I'm also interested in Unleashed implementing the "Transition Disable" Indication, and I'm wondering if this is being worked on.

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Escaflowne 
I just tested this on 200.13 with WPA2\WPA3-Mixed SSID, and the client got connected to WPA3.
I'm using Oneplus 10T Android 12.

Please check and let me know.

Does the "Clients" list in Unleashed also show WPA3?  On mine it just shows WPA2 still even when the phone shows WPA3.

Hi @BobaEnjoyer 

Yes, on the Client list on the Unleashed GUI shows as WPA3.