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Unleashed network-- APs "forget" WLAN configuration after CLI reboot, but remember other config settings

New Contributor II
I've got a very odd issue, and I was wondering if anyone else has run into something similar.

I have an Unleashed network, running a combination of T300s (ethernet uplink) and R500s (mesh). None of the components have been changed in months, maybe more. I run an automated script at 4am that cycles restarts each AP, one at a time, via CLI. 

Yesterday the Unleashed network "forgot" all WLAN settings-- there were no wireless networks configured. However, the administrative settings were retained, and the mesh settings were retained, so I know there was no factory reset. I was running an older firmware on the network-- so I decided to go ahead and upgrade it to to rule that out. 

This morning (after the 4am) restart, the same problem occurred. All APs restarted via CLI, booted up fine, and all mesh connections synced up, but there was no WLAN config. Admin settings were the same, etc. 

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas? Obviously, in the short-term, I will disable the auto-reboot script. However, I do not want to permanently disable it long-term.

Thanks for any help that you can provide