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Unleashed, mesh and client isolation

New Contributor
I had problems to configure an unleashed network. The Access Points where connected to a hotsplot solution (hardware router) which did client isolation -> No way to configure the unleashed network directly in this network (second ap didnt find the master...)

Because it was only an environment with 3 aps (1 Master AP over LAN, 2 Mesh APs) i thought that i can configure the network at another switch. After every AP was configured (static ip) and tested i connected the master ap to the hotspot router again -> Internet/Unleashed Network ok.
Than i tried to mesh the second AP to the master -> AIR led lights green (mesh ok?) but DIR led flashes (1sec) on the mesh-ap.
I dont know what the problem is or what the ap is doing? Does he mesh to the master ap and than try to find an unleashed network over the network cable (which is connected to the client isolation router)? When i try to reach the mesh-ap over his configured static ip it works. I can even reach the webinterface -> "Founding unleashed network" forever (waited 1 hour).

Other basic questions:
How does the unleashed network find new aps or communicate with each other? IP? Mac? Same switch necessary?
Do the unleashed network need a reachable gateway to work? (Find new aps)

Thanks in advance! 🙂

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Ben,

Unleashed APs look for an Unleashed network on the LAN/subnet they come up on, get DHCP/Def-GW for.
You can statically assign your AP IP addresses outside of the LAN DHCP server scope (recomended).
For any that you intend to use as Mesh, I'd suggest connecting those wired first, to be sure they are
recognized/upgraded(if necessary)/configured with Mesh info, before assigning static IP/Def-GW info.

I'm not sure how your HotSpot router with client isolation is configured network wise, but Unleashed APs
look for their Master/peers on the local LAN that they come up on.