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Unleashed Simple Guestpass Login-redirect

New Contributor III
I'm setting up a simple guest access network.  I have it set to a single shared password.  The end user is suppose to be redirected to the guest terms and services, where they input the password and agree.  Instead they are sent to a "Your connection is not private" warning which requires an additional link follow to actually get to the guest pass authentication/Terms of Service.  I can't imagine that anybody publicly accessing this would know to click through, or feel safe in doing so.  Is there something I have configured wrong to make this redirect occur?  How does one correct this?  (Ruckus Unleased R500/600's -

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi KC,
   This is due to Ruckus not being a true Certificate Authority (CA), and users will see the SSL warning
when they open their browser and get redirected to the T&C guest access page.  Customers can buy
and install an official 3rd party certificate (ie GoDaddy) and install on the ZD to prevent these warnings.

   Requesting a CSR and installation is covered in the latest ZD User guide, starting on page 447.

New Contributor III
That doesn't help a lot since I am using Unleashed, not a Zone Director.  How would I use an 3rd party security cert on an Unleashed product.

It is the same reason and resolution for Unleashed.  From your Master AP, Admin&Services, Administer, Certificate

has tabs to Generate a Certificate Request, and Import a Signed Certificate.

If you click the Help icon in top/right, to go to the Online Admin Guide, Working with SSL Certificates is found here: 

New Contributor III
Thank you.  That seems like the ticket.