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Unleashed firmware download link

New Contributor II
I don't have a support subscription, so I'm unable to download the Unleashed firmware in order to convert an R500 Zoneflex. Can I get an exemption, please? There was a link in the forums, I think, a couple years ago when I did it the first time.

Thank you

Valued Contributor
Hi RogueDevice ?

The support subscription is done for a reason, please contact your local distributor or Ruckus Sales to check if if an exemption is possible.

Kind regards

New Contributor II
So, the person I was put into contact with was unwilling to send me the firmware. I don't understand why this is any different than my current access points being able to download firmware without a support contract. I have no need for a support contract as this is for my home. Very frustrating since I was able to do this a little over a year ago with no issues. Do I have any options?

New Contributor II
Never mind. I ended up buying a support contract. Thanks for your help, nobody!