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Unleashed R500, second AP doesn't join

New Contributor
I installed 3 unleashed R500 AP's in my home.
De first AP is configured as Master and has a static IP address. This AP works great. when I connect the second AP it doesn't join my unleashed network but comes up with the standard instalation WiFi network. The third AP will also not join my Unleashed network. 
I cannot find a solution for this behaviour in the manual.  
How can I add the 2 additional AP's to my unleashed network??

The situation is as follows   
GlassFibre modem > Draytek Vigor 2120 router (DHCP) > PoE switch > 3 R500 AP's

Thanks in advance.

New Contributor II
Make sure that the Master AP has at least Version, this is the official release that you
need on both APs.If the one that you connected first has this version then do a factory reset to all others, grey reset button next to the lan poe. Hold for about 10 seconds. After the other AP's reboot they should show up in the unleashed GUI, and if all settings are set to default they should be pushed the correct firmware, and be added automatically.

Esteemed Contributor II
Unleashed version is the current release for your Master AP, and will automatically accept/update APs running previous code.

Does a PC connected to your PoE switch obtain an IP from your DHCP server, and can the PC ping your Master AP?
(to confirm your AP has correct netmask and def-gw).

If the PC does pull an IP and can ping your Master AP, I expect the new Unleashed APs should come up and connect successfully.
(If they have Unleashed code.  If you converted a ZoneFlex AP to Unleashed, you do need to factory default it afterward to use it.)