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Unleashed Internet "Disconnected"

Contributor II
Randomly I am having issues with APs that require a reboot to regain Internet. In order to access the GUI IP I have to roam to another AP. When I remain connected to the problem AP and run a LAN scan, it shows only connected devices to that IP and I have no access to the Internet or unleashed GUI. When I login to reboot problem AP, Internet shows "disconnected". This happens at random times, once a week maybe, to differing AP's in my network. Even after reboot and all APs are passing Internet properly, the unleashed dashboard still shows disconnected.
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New Contributor
Any one else having this issue??

New Contributor
Yes, my Unleashed GUI is showing the Internet as Disconnected even though I can ping internet addresses through the Network Connectivity screen under Admin and Services.  It used to show connected, but I'm not sure why its showing Disconnected now.  I did have a master to slave failover recently when I relocated the master AP, but I'm not sure what the status was showing before that event.