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Unleashed Firmware

New Contributor III

I see that the Unleashed Platform has a new firmware available. However, I do not see any release notes in the support section.  

Does anyone have the release notes or know what was updated in this release?


New Contributor II

I'd really like to be able to get the BL7 file, so I can install some new APs in my network.

New Contributor III

Hello Ruckus, it's been a week.  Can you please respond to the original post?

New Contributor

We had to contact Ruckus via our sales/support partners yesterday to get the firmware file as it’s not currently available anywhere to download.

I got my paws on it this morning and was able to successfully update a new R320 Unleashed AP with it.

@matthew_plumb did they happen to provide release notes, too?

Not sure I’m afraid , I just got the bz7 file from our partner. I can ask if they have it?