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Unleashed Firmware

New Contributor III

I see that the Unleashed Platform has a new firmware available. However, I do not see any release notes in the support section.  

Does anyone have the release notes or know what was updated in this release?


Please ask for the release notes.  I would greatly appreciate it.  

If you don't mind, and suggest to them that they should probably make it available when adding new releases to the updater system, hah!

Valued Contributor II

FWIW I've upgraded to this release from the 200.10 GA and am having better stability during roaming, particularly when a device drops to 2.4GHz then back to 5GHz on the same AP.

I'm also noticing it finally fixes the "directed-multicast doesn't stick across master AP reboots" issue that we've previously talked about in other threads.


@john_d that's why everybody asks about he Release Notes to see what's fixed and changed.... total shame for Ruckus been silent for so long...

New Contributor II

@allan_grohe  @syamantak_omer Can we get the release notes and bl7 file please?