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Unleashed App - Destination IP with port

New Contributor II
I did the upgrade to

My unleashed network will be reachable from remote with portforwarding from port 8888 to 443. The unleashed app doesn't allow the destination address (Please enter valid Destination.)! So I can't use the app!

Thanks for fixing and regards,

Esteemed Contributor II
Are you forwarding to the Unleashed network Management IP, that all member APs are configured to use?
I don't know that we have port forwarding to DNS working for PC, let alone new Unleashed Mobile App though.
Did you do this thru PC access before?

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Beat,
   Product Marketing tell me Unleashed 200.5 will support port forward as you describe,
and there will be a new UMA (Unleashed Mobile App) together with Unleashed 200.5.  It
will support Remote Management thru a Cloud server for Mobile App to your Unleashed
network access so you won't need port forwarding.  Please stay tuned...

New Contributor II
The only problem will be: The address field for the destination to manage a network does not accept a colon! It is only possible to manage a unleashed network over the standard port.

New Contributor
Is there a solution for managing AP's that are registered to my UMM server without having to have port forwarding of 443 to my AP at each site?