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New Contributor III
Can I download the ip addresses, which connect from my ruckus unleashed ap to an excel file, from the ap dashboard?

Contributor II
You can do this via the Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM), see below the sample output.Image_ images_messages_5f91c450135b77e247a1ccc6_6c37ec8c1911b2fb0c3a667d3958a6a1_RackMultipart20200908131871frd-5102cf44-7a4c-41b9-8ede-2abfa8378196-956944936.png1599579878 

Good afternoon dear Tony, I appreciate your prompt reply, so according to what you tell me I can only download via unleashed milti - site manager (umm), but on the ap unleashed dashboard, I can see the IPs that are connected and the mac? although I cannot download to excel because I don't have (UMM) Is ​​it correct?

Correct if you want a simple to use feature to export to csv. It is also possible to use ssh and cli to unleashed, then do some post processing of the cli output to generate csv format. You would need to create this manually and requiring scripting skill.