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The server is not reachable or the file does not exist.

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Unable to upgrade the existing R500 AP with latest Unleased firmware.

I am always getting an error as Failed to download the image upgrade information. The server is not reachable or the file does not exist.

Current firmware version:

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New Contributor II
I haven't seen any option to do local upgrades in unleashed firmware can you help to find that option?

In case if anyone can help me to point Ruckus to right server of firmware then it can solve the issue may be

Also let me explain my setup, we have tplink load balancer in which we have two ISP for which we do load balancing and DHCP IP allocation happens from the tplink for all devices in the network.

Now out put of tplink goes into R500 AP and then distribute the internet. As result AP internet connect option always show disconnected but actually it is connected.

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In Unleashed version 200.1, there is no local upgrade option. You are saying that on Unleashed UI the internet option shows as always "disconnected" but it is connected. This sounds very strange. Are you able to ping "" (or other internet sites like, etc) from Unleashed UI? If you can't ping these from Unleashed UI itself then there is no internet connection to Master AP (and perhaps to other APs too). 

New Contributor II
We only one AP used by 30 users to connect

Basically tplink load balancer allocate the IP as result tplink gateway is 192.168.1. 1 and AP is give IP as 192.168.1. 2 and all other clients that connect AP uses from

I thought that could be the issue of not showing the internet option as connected.

I will try the ping tomorrow and update this post