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Support contract needed for Ruckus unleashed?

New Contributor
I would like to buy a r500 unleashed for my home office but I am confused about the limitations of not purchasing the support contract.  I think for other Ruckus access points the firmware updates are free to anyone without a support contract.  Is this the case for r500 unleashed?

I don't want to buy a product where I must pay a fee to upgrade the firmware to fix bugs.

Also I'm trying to learn about this product and keep on hitting a pay-wall in the knowledge base.  Really Ruckus? I have to buy your product and then pay a fee to read the knowledge base on how to use it?  

Esteemed Contributor II
Firmware upgrades (and SNMP MIBs) are free for 90 days from date of purchase for all controller products.

AP firmware has no support restriction to download for upgrades or downgrades, nor does Documentation.

Access to the growing Knowledge Base has always required a support contract (on any product).