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Smart Roam on Unleashed AP's

New Contributor
Anyone Use Smart Roam on an Unleashed Network? Is it in a firware revision? I can't seem to find the option. On Zone Director networks it was always just a checkbox.

New Contributor
Can we get an idea when Ruckus will get SmartRoam working for the Unleashed products? We're having some pretty major issues with clients hanging onto the bad signal for far too long. I know in the support doc that it says it currently isn't supported.

Unfortunately, there's no date stamp to determine when the doc was written...We have the R510 here.
Note: Some features, including SmartRoamTM and Self-Service Guest Passes, are not currently supported, but are planned for a future release.

Smart-roam is enabled in 200.5.x.x, has to be done by CLI (ssh) per WLAN (SSID) on the master AP.


would you mind sharing those commands here...
I don't have a unleashed device at this moment to test however wud b interested to test them out when i have them...
are they similar to whats there in controller commands??

Yes, it had smart roam command .
Under wlan config , type smart-roam . it will enable smart-roam function.

i am on
cant find smart roam command
i m trying this on master AP