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Smart Roam on Unleashed AP's

New Contributor
Anyone Use Smart Roam on an Unleashed Network? Is it in a firware revision? I can't seem to find the option. On Zone Director networks it was always just a checkbox.

Valued Contributor II
on controller based solution,, SMART ROAM was cli based.
on unleashed - CLI is NOT supported as per my knowledge..
as per feature list supported on unleashed as per firmware version 200.2 - smart roam is NOT listed ...

The Ruckus Unleashed platform provides many of the same features that are currently available using a ZoneDirector wireless LAN controller:

  • Smart Mesh
  • One-step firmware upgrades of the entire network from a single interface
  • Layer 2 roaming
  • Zero-IT support for automatic configuration of client WiFi settings
  • Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys (DPSK)
  • 802.1X EAP authentication using an external AAA server (RADIUS)
  • HTTP-based Captive Portal
  • Hotspot (WISPr) WLANs
  • Guest Access WLANs
  • Bonjour Gateway
  • WLAN encryption/authentication options:
    • Open + None
    • Open + None + MAC Auth
    • Open + None + Web Auth
    • Open + WPA2 + AES + PSK
    • Open + WPA2 + AES + DPSK
    • 802.1X + WPA2 + AES + AAA
  • Radio Frequency (RF) management features:
    • BeamFlex
    • ChannelFly
    • Background Scanning
    • Automatic Channel Selection based on ChannelFly or Background Scanning
    • Band Steering
    • Client Load Balancing
    • Rogue AP detection
  • DHCP server (configured manually from Unleashed Network Master AP)
  • Automatic Master AP Selection
    • One Ruckus Unleashed AP serves as the "Master AP," one of the member APs will take over controller functions if the Master is unreachable.
  • Access Control Lists
  • Application Recognition. The following pie charts are provided:
    • Top 10 clients by application
    • Top 10 applications used in the network
  • HTTP/HTTPs redirect
  • Up to 512 local users supported (on the internal database)
  • Up to 512 client devices supported (depending on encryption/auth method)
  • SNMP
  • Management IP Interface
  • Multi-language support
  • Social Media login (Facebook, Google)
  • Self-Service Guest Pass
  • WLAN Prioritization

New Contributor
Hi Jason, have you found where this smart roaming feature is in the unleashed administration panel. i to was looking for the check box so my devices can always stay connected to the AP with the strongest signal. thanks!

New Contributor
Folks, is my understanding correct that from the firmware version 200.2, smart roam is not supported.  If so, how is smart roaming done in 200.5.  I am facing a problem where in 200.1, I set the smart-roam to 4.  But after upgrade to 200.5, I am not able to see the smart-roam setting in the CLI.  I am also not able to set this value in the 200.5 CLI.  Can you please help?

New Contributor
Hi , I cannot found smart-roam in CLI also. And I saw the SmartRoam = Disabled on the CLI status. 
Would you can help? Thanks.