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Set Ip address in unleashed ap

New Contributor
Hello friends, I have an AP with a "not UNLEASHED" firmware version, i change the ip parameters, then upload a firmware version, and change the ip to, the CLI command "set ipaddr wlan vlan " does not work with this version, how i can change the ip address with the CLI in this version.  Regards

New Contributor III
Dont you have gui access? What firmware version is?

Hello, the firmware is i need know the CLI process, in the GUI is necessary configure the unleashed WLAN , i want put the  different to default IP in the AP without configuring WLAN and system unleashed.  Regards (R310)

Hello Daniel,

Try with this:

set ipmode : set ipmode {wan|lan|video|mgmt} {ipv4|ipv6|dual}
                ipv6-only cannot be set when hotspot or router mode is enabled -- Modify IP Mode
set ipaddr : set ipaddr {wan|video|mgmt} [vlan ] {options}
                 -> "static IP case"
                 -> dynamic                      "DHCP case     "
                 -- Modify IP address
set dvlan  : set dvlan {enable|disable}
                 -- Modify AP WLAN's dynamic VLAN mode


Roberto Constante