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Ruckus - ring problem

New Contributor

Hi, I have had 2 Ring cameras connected for well over a year to our ruckus Wi-fi fronted by 4 unleashed R310s. No issues at all. Last week one of them lost its connection and wouldn’t reconnect. Helped by Ring support they asked me to reboot everything, zero the ring Camera  settings and add it again using the Ring App (as I had done originally). Every attempt has failed since with incorrect password and yet I know the password is correct (have seen it in other device to check it’s working and it is). I have subsequently successfully connected camera to two different mobile phone hotspots with the same password. Weird. So why is the authentication of the password failing on the Ruckus? And why now, not before. To make it even more weird. A couple of days the other camera has done exactly the same. So neither camera will now connect because Ruckus fails with ‘code 15 error in frame 2 of 4 way handshake’ incorrect pass phrase (invalid MIC). 

First of all anyone have suggestions? 

I did wonder if either Ring or Ruckus are rolling out updates that have caused a new issue encountered when a camera loses its link? 

both cameras down rules out hardware and they were bought 12 months apart. 

did wonder if sidewalk may be a factor but I am in the us and don’t think it’s live over here. Very confused layman. 

any help or pointers appreciated but I am assuming that whichever it is that it would surface on here and would be understood. Thanks. 


Valued Contributor II

Check if you have 802.11r and 802.11k enabled on your WiFi network. If yes, disable them.

Cameras for sure don't  support it, and I have seen very similar messages (and connection failures) on different devices unsupporting fast roaming when it is set on SSID.

will go and check that but the wifi network hasn't changed at all since it's been in (config wise and it pre-dates the cameras) and one camera has been on this network for roughly 15 mths and the other for over 2 years without any issue.

Thanks for the suggestion. Will let you know if that fixes anything.

Please keep suggestions coming 🙂

Valued Contributor II

When client is incompatible with 802.11r, failures may be different, from low performance and often connection resets to what you see, and they can be intermittent too.  But in this case I suppose something was updated, and therefore behaviour changed. Anyway, you just need to access Unleashed user interface remotely through APP and check if 802.11r is enabled. If it is not enabled, reason of your problem is different. If it is enabled, that disable it and try again, most probably it will work then.

Another thing to check -- some devices (mainly no-name appliances) doesn't accept funny WPA keys such as similar to "Welcome back!" or "secure@#!very" or "Mac Donald site" . So try something which should work for sure (such as key consisisting only from digits). When this is the case, you get same error message. 

I have recently seen this with "smart" thermostat, which was able to connect only to SSID when used password from lower case letters and numbers only, but adding any upper case letter generated "wrong password" error.

For some stupid devices even some SSID names are unacceptable, so make it simple, without special symbols and spaces.

Again very helpful. I will try some of these later on. Thanks