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Ruckus app not able to connect to requested wireless network

New Contributor

There is a post that states the app was fixed after June 2023 and I still am seeing the same error message that I am not connected to the “unleashed network” and asks to go to settings which does nothing. The network is not listed, but I believe it won’t until you log in….  Is there a website I can enter my credentials into to obtain the status of my system? If the app is repaired I shouldn’t need to track down the IP to the master any longer correct? Is the address on the actual master box if I took it down? What is the new work around if the app is still not working and my phone is updated way beyond what the app states it needs to run successfully! Please assist!!! 



Hi @ECI 

Thank you for contacting RUCKUS Community forums.

Could you please let me know if this is a Lennar Home RUCKUS setup?

Please confirm.

Thank you again.


Best regards,

Imran Sanadi

RUCKUS Lennar Home Community.

Hello! Thank you for your response. 

yes I am in a Lennar home and have the Rukus home setup in the home. 

I have a couple questions. 

1. how do I set up an account so that I can ensure I am a verified member. 

2. if I set up a new router and modem will everything covert correctly? This is the main reason I wanted access to mange my network so I can see if there is a problem after I instill my upgraded equipment. 

3. I can’t seem to get the app to load correctly in my phone with all the updates completed needed to run the app . It still asks me to go to settings and connect to the Rukus Wi-Fi and it isn’t avail on my phone to connect. I have deleted and re installed the app multiple times. The work around does not work for me to obtain the IP from the master. Is it written on the actual unit if I take it down? There used to be a website that you could obtain the same connectivity visibility that the app did to manage. Is that not avail anymore? I am in need of being able to manage my system remote and I am fine using a desktop version but it seems to not be valid anymore. 

I am also open to hiring someone to come and work with me within the home if you can give me a contact to hire service in home.