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Ruckus Unleashed and MS NPS - VLAN assignment

New Contributor
Hi, we have rukus r600 unleashed and have a requirement to authenticate users against active directory and then assign them a VLAN id.

We want to do this so that we can have policy based acccess on networks, so that user in VLAN ID can access certain networks and users in another VLAN can access other networks.

practical example

John is a developer and only need access to the servers in the deveopment network
Bill is a administrator and needs to have access to production and development networks

How do we enfore such a policy if they are connected to the Ruckus?

Does anyone know how to do this?

We only have the unleashed model, not the zone director

Esteemed Contributor II
The Unleashed product does not have Dynamic VLAN or Role based access in the current design scope.
You can share your desire for these features with your local Systems Engineer for a feature request.