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Ruckus Unleashed App lost connection to network. APs not sending wifi connection, network not seen in available networks

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I recently installed 2 R550 APs in my house. It was working. I had the Unleashed app in my iphone and was able to access the network. I had a few occasions where suddenly the wifi would drop but came back with restarting the AP by removing the poe.

Last night had a power outage/surge?? Very brief but power came back. Since it came back, there is no wifi network in the available networks, I am not able to log in to the network using the unleashed app. 

I tried power cycling the 2 APs by disconnecting and reconnecting the poe. I see yellow/orange for both the 2.5 and 5 Ghz but no wifi.

I have a Poweredge ER4 router. There is internet through wired connections. But no wifi connection.

Frustrating. I can not talk to support [3months basic support] because the vendor CDW apparently has to login to Ruckus that I am the owner of the APs. They have not done that. It looks it may have been cheaper and less frustrating to go Netgear or Dlink or other residential routers. 

Ruckus is supposed to be rock solid and enterprise quality, but these frequent drops and wifi trouble shooting is frustrating. 

Can any of you please help?



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No Matt. I don’t see the network as being available for selecting the WiFi network- the one that I configured. Neither do I see configure me ssid. It just simply vanished. Not accessible via app. The 2.5 and 5 ghz is amber/yellow. Unit is powered on and green. 
So don’t know how to access the AP units now. 

Ok that's odd, if the 2.4 and 5 lights are amber, that means clients are connected. What provides your IP addresses to devices? Did you give your AP a static IP, or dynamic? I'm wondering if you can't find the IP and try to get in to the dashboard via the IP, versus You might have to be hard wired to your modem or ICX.

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Hi Matt

Thank you for your help. I figured it out. I did not realize that I can log in to the AP using the browser. I logged in and found out the problem. I had created an AP group using my iphone app. Looks like I did not do a good job of setting it up. 

When the APs powercycled due to the power failure the new AP group became effective. But the problem was I did not assign the radio range for the APs. So eventhough the AP was on clients were unable to connect due to lack of the radio range. Once I assigned the range [I realized this after looking at the default AP group], the clients automatically started to log in to the APs. 

Hopefully this may help some other non-technical person like me in the future.

Now I am able to log in to the app as well. But its saying there is no APs but shows clients connected to the app!. Should I delete the app and reconnect to the APs? 

In all honesty, I'd just get rid of the groups. They aren't necessary and are causing more harm than good. Unleashed isn't exactly designed to work with them. Large enterprise deployments need them, but that's supported in SmartZone. So that is probably your best bet.

Are you running the latest version of Unleashed, 200.9? We have tons of content on YouTube about it, and I've covered Unleashed in the home quite a bit during live streams. If you're running 200.9, you might be interested in the WiFi Calling features...I can share the link for that if you like?

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Hi Matt

You are a life saver. Please send me the links for all your talks. Also how do I delete the AP group that I created by mistake? Do I just log in and high light the group and hit delete?

Also re: setting up the email server. I have outlook [Office 365]. Will I be able to use the email server for alerts?

I am on Unleashed 200.9. 

How do I retroactively setup social log in, in the app?

Thanks for your help.