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Ruckus Unleashed 200.5 has bug

New Contributor III
After testing the 200.5 version of the defective R500 R600, will lead to a series of models, wireless LAN appears high delay, packet loss and other cases, only by reducing version to solve the problem, hope that the official personnel test, to fix the problem.


Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Li,

    Please open a ticket with Tech Support so we can help analyze your environment and test results.
Let me know your case number, so internal engineers can assist.  Thanks.

New Contributor III
I have opened a ticket about this three weeks ago, and Ruckus is slowly going nowhere.
For the OA, please check

The problem occurs if you are using Radius authentication with only highest encryption setting selected in NPS network policy options. So... the trick would be allow less powerful encryption settings along with No Encryption setting. So far Ruckus (or anyone else) hasn't been able to tell me in what exactly does those encryption settings do.

Esteemed Contributor II
     What is your case number please?  And have you or would you please ask your Tech Support to file a bug?
I don't think there is any type issue reported yet (that I can find), and you seem to have a set of reproduceable
steps.  Thanks!

Case 00566046, asked to file a bug