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Ruckus R710 Unleashed 200.12 5Ghz Downlink Throughput Half of Uplink

New Contributor


I have noticed that three separate wireless clients are only able to achieve donwnlink throughput roughly half of the uplink throughput when connecting to a Ruckus R710 running Unleashed 200.12.

I have tried running several bi-directional iPerf tests across all three clients and different upstream wired network endpoints and the results are always roughly 50% proportional.  I've also tried switching the channels and channelization that the AP is using for the SSID and the issue still follows.

I had also tested and noticed this behavior on the slightly older 200.10 Unleashed versions and attempted an upgrade to the latest version to see if it would resolve the issues especially since the 200.12 Unleashed release notes mention a resolution was put in for an issue on the R750 APs that seems identical to this issue.

Are there any other users that are noticing similar issues?  Are there any suggestions in how to fix the problem?




New Contributor II

I noticed exactly the same on my R710. Doesn't matter which Unleashed version. 350Mbits download and ~700Mbits upload. Sometimes also 650 download and 800 upload, but upload is always higher.

maybe the old security patch bug is back from 200.7.xx and I'll test that out next month or so and verify it... Been too busy the last 6-8 months...