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Ruckus R310 unleashed network drops connections on guest SSID only

New Contributor III
I have four R310 Unleashed APs in our parts department. I have them broadcasting two SSIDs. One is for internal users and the other is for guests. The internal SSID is password protected and works fine. The guest SSID requires the user to simply click through. This SSID keeps dropping the signal. Sometimes a user can connect in one part of the building but if he moves around the building the connection is dropped. I can't even get the connection to stay stable on my own phone. Both devices work fine on the other SSID. Any ideas?

Contributor II
Can you see anything in the logs?Maybe enable some debug logging for it?

New Contributor
Hi i have two zoneflex r310 and their wireless  is not working please can someone help


   Are you running the APs on Solo AP code, or managed by a controller or Unleashed?

Esteemed Contributor II
GITM, have you done an RF Site Survey since the equipment was installed?  Do you have adequate coverage everywhere someone may roam?