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Router Recommendation

New Contributor II

Any recommendation for a gigabit router to connect R550 Aps? This is for basic home use. Essentially need gigabit speed, firewall, DHCP.

I read a lot about Ubiquiti routers. Esp Edge Er-4. Any suggestions for a router appreciated.


New Contributor III

I concur on the ER4 for SOHO use as long as you don't need a high throughput VPN. It is one of the few (maybe only) Gb speeds for basic VLAN, NAT, firewall (including zone-based) for under $1000.

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We can select a model for your network. Please let me know if you are interested.

Mikrotiks are also an interesting option.  A bit less user friendly than ubiquiti but regularly updated and (in my experience) less buggy. If you want to do multi WAN load balancing stay with the ubiquiti (as it's a lot more cumbersome on Mikrotik) but if you want deep control, Mikrotik Is hard to beat. With HW nat offload it can easily handle gigabit speeds even in sub-100$ models. Or go for the rb4011 which even has a 10G port for future proofing. 

For fortinet (a lot simpler to configure) you can get a FG60F which can do multi gigabit and should be around 600-700 retail. 

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Also, while not ideal, an R550 in unleashed can act as the wan router  as well. Just FYI. But of spending a few hundred in APs, better to have a separate router. 

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Thanks Diego and Kevin. 

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