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After a power outage, our network addresses were gone and appeared. I’ve tried every password I can think of, including the serial number and can’t get in. Unleashed won’t let me select any network. I’ve called ruckus and left messages. I’ve emailed the address the ruckus website lists for support and it bounces back. No responses. No support. I fail to see the benefit of ruckus at this point over a regular router. Eager for any suggestions before I rip it all out and replace with a regular router. Thanks tons!


RUCKUS Team Member


Recover-Me-XXXX SSID appears only in APs running Solo or Controller-based firmware. Unleashed APs don't propagate Recover-Me SSID. If it is running in solo firmware use the admin password you have set, as PSK passphrase. 


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Jeraffy 
APs will broadcast the " SSID", when that loose reachability to the default gateway.
Was there any changes happened recently?

You can connect the client to "" SSID and use the admin password to get into the AP.

Also, have a look on the below article for more information and troubleshooting. I hope this helps.

Note: ZD allows configuring passwords less than 8 chars, but passphrase has to be at least 8 chars long Hence, for passwords less than 8, dashes (-) are padded to passphrase to reach length 8. For example - if admin password is ’admin’ then passphrase would be ‘admin---’

If the above password format is not working, then try the below password format.

ruckus-<admin password>