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I have an R710 unleashed AP's connected that was not connecting to my cloud controller anymore and nothing would work.  I have done the hard reset (button push) and figured I would upgrade latest firmware and try to re-configure again.  After the reset the unit is broadcasting a:  Recover.Me###### SSID instead of the Configure.Me network.  When I try to connect to the network, it's asking for a password.  The default password nor the one we originally programmed works.  I can't find anything in the KB or online about the Recover.Me network.  Any ideas on how do i connect to finish config?

New Contributor III
i think you have not reset it correctly. The recover me ssid only apears when a mesh config is present. So reset the ap again by holding the rest button for at least 8sec before releasing. uou shoud see the configure me ssid

RUCKUS Team Member
In case issue didnt solve Refer to this post how to connect to recovery SSID.
Island SSID is renamed as Recovery SSIDs in new versions.


Surveying a building with one AP where the clients complained of unusual bad WiFi, I noticed that a Rescue Me-134150 SSID was being broadcast. Eventually i traced it to our own AP. It is a Z7372 connected to a ZD3000. Mesh is turned off on the ZD and AP. There was no alarm or evidence of any kind that the AP had any issue. All the WLANS assigned to the group that the AP was part of, were being broadcast correctly. The rescue me SSID seemed to be present only on the 5 GHz spectrum.

I ended up rebooting the AP and issue went away.

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In addition to all the solutions stated above, I would advice you re-terminate the cables first. If the status remains the same you can proceed to factory reset and other measures.