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R750 power problems UNLEASHED Mesh having (not enought power issues on all three AP's showing the Triangle)

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Hello Ruckus Guru's
All Qty-3 R750(unleashed Mesh APs) have the 60watt Ruckus Power injectors connected directly to them with 7 foot Cat5e Quality Ethernet cables. All three R750's are showing the Triangle showing (not enough power supporting these AP's.)

This is a test application for his very large manufacturing facility and I am having issue's with just three AP's from the start with my new customer. I could really use some guidance on this. I am a New Partner and don't want to blow this opportunity. I am embarrassed I am having issues from the get go. I previously read articles about the switches and possible power issues so I chose to use the injectors and try and have a perfect demo for my customer but this isn't a good first step.

I am currently running

Best MG


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I fixed the problem and I had the same issue with some R610's so this came in handy twice.. Great forum thanks for all the guidance.
Thank You

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I also had to change the power for my R750 unleashed to 802.3af, but you will only see 80211at when the model number was set to 850 instead of 750.  If you select the 750 model, then 802.3af and will be your only selection.  Setting it to also resolved my triangle issue as well.

I originally tried a 30w power supply, but then read that it needed a 60watt, so you can imagine my confusion when I installed the 60watt and it still showed the triangle.

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Ruckus really needs to fix this. With 200.8 this wasn't a problem. It appeared with 200.9

New Contributor III
I saw the problem in 200.8.... For me, with both 200.8 and .9, the triangle does disappear on its own about 5-10 minutes after boot up. I am using power injectors.  But it was bothersome, so I set it to at.