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R750 power problems UNLEASHED Mesh having (not enought power issues on all three AP's showing the Triangle)

New Contributor II
Hello Ruckus Guru's
All Qty-3 R750(unleashed Mesh APs) have the 60watt Ruckus Power injectors connected directly to them with 7 foot Cat5e Quality Ethernet cables. All three R750's are showing the Triangle showing (not enough power supporting these AP's.)

This is a test application for his very large manufacturing facility and I am having issue's with just three AP's from the start with my new customer. I could really use some guidance on this. I am a New Partner and don't want to blow this opportunity. I am embarrassed I am having issues from the get go. I previously read articles about the switches and possible power issues so I chose to use the injectors and try and have a perfect demo for my customer but this isn't a good first step.

I am currently running

Best MG


New Contributor III
Does it continue to show the triangle after say 10 minutes?  I find with our R750s, we get the triangle on initial power up but it goes away after a few minutes.

Actually, we've since changed the setting to force 802.3bt mode as we know they are getting enough power.

Yes its still showing power issue's on all three AP's. I am doing this remotely due to the Covid so I have a remote appointment this evening to resolve the issue with my customer. I want to make sure I can resolve the issue not try so any fix scenarios you guys have would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to end the meeting tonight with the power issue unresolved.

Tony Heung thank you for the How to Guide link. Much appreciated!

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I'm having the same exact problem with my R750s. Same 60W Ruckus PoE injector. Ruckus says to force it to 802.11bt? Doesn't make sense. It should work and detected fine with the last firmware version. I hope Ruckus is reading this.

Contributor II
In my home setup I have both ICX7150-C10ZP and PoE injector (Model 480125A 60W) to power R750, both out of the box would negotiated to 802.3af and display the AP power warning triangle sign next to the AP.  I set the PoE mode to 802.3at mode using the below instruction in the user guide which fixed the AP power warning.  I also did it in the AP Group rather than to the individual R750.  I am checking with engineering on why the auto-neg won't be reaching 802.3at automatically but fall back to 802.3af instead.