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R750 Power Needs (Not enough power message)

New Contributor III

Hey Everyone,

Per the R750 PoE+ power spec I shouldn't be seeing this issue either. I have heard others say they are using a 60W PoE injector. 

Image_ images_messages_5fbe5b76afb7982602861148_1fcc0da578bffaebb569d1912bc1f203_ScreenShot20201125at4.50.36AM-ffe90c9b-a2b1-4a6f-8479-ebbcbaf7259d-2112390709.png

Using a...

Cudy 30W Gigabit PoE+ Injector Adapter, IEEE 802.3 at and IEEE 802.3 af Compliant, up to 100 Meters (328 Feet), 10/100/1000Mbps RJ-45, POE150

Image_ images_messages_5fbe5b76afb7982602861148_ef602b97bd9301d3630e83fc42c2e3d2_ScreenShot20201124at4.59.26PM-7dbd9ac0-fec4-43b2-aa32-0f19b8573c21-388883851.png

It’s for me at my home but agreed. I have a 60watt injector coming. Yea not going back in firmware. 


Valued Contributor II

As injectors are just damb power supplies, they power capability can't be known to AP. AP can just try to draw as much is needed and check that voltage is OK.  So I suppose the best way with injectors is always set correct power setting in AP configuration and avoid any auto-detection, which is potential for problems. PoE switches are different, they really negotiate how much power they provide, and anything over 802.3at requires LLDP to work fro my understanding (on both switch and AP). I had in one case huge problem with R730 connected to Cisco Catalyst switches with 802.3at ports -- AP (out of the box) were unable to work, as switch dropped power after a few seconds, and it was not possible to get to AP to configure 802.3at power mode. There was no any other power source on site, it was at night during preparation for next day conference, and I had to drive back to office to bring on-site Alcatel switch and reconfigure APs before installation on network.

Even so R750 is just 4x4 and requires less power than R730 (802.3at is enough for it), it is still better to manually configure power mode. Many injectors on market are not providing what is stated in datasheet, but in this case I suppose this is auto-detection problem, not real power deficit.    

Hope it helps.

New Contributor

I've a mesh network of R750 which is connected to ZD1200 and the network all R750 APs showing, Not enough electricity power is provided to this ap its capabilities are degraded please refer to user guide for details. how to resolve this. could anyone help me out of this? 

I fed up with this.