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R720 reset to defaults after power loss

New Contributor


My R720 device resets back to defaults and I have to either reconfigure or restore from backup. This has happened twice so far, once when I reboot my POE switch and the other time when we lost power (I have no UPS to perform graceful shutdown)

The device is on the latest firmware, POE powered, not in Gateway mode. I saw an article stating to set device to Gateway mode, can someone confirm if this would correct the issue?

Another issue is I keep getting "Not enough electricity power provided with AP warning". Switching POE mode from Auto to 802.3at doesn't correct the issue, any ideas?

Thank You in advance.



Hi @alep11 !

Hope you are doing well!

Regarding reboots, you should not go to factory reset, after a power outage.

-As a recommendation, assign a static IP to the AP and reserve it on the DHCP server

-About the PoE Warning this is the solution

1)-Go to Access Points > select the app showing the warning >edit> go to the tab that says others >select PoE (Overide) operating mode, and select at or 802.3bt/class5

Wait a few minutes and reload the page and the warning should go away

Here are the guide for this config:

Power Limitations by PoE Mode and AP Model:

I hope I have been helpful!


Will give it a try.
Thank You