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R710 IP address after network outage

New Contributor


Whenever my network goes down (and my Ruckus R710 AP stays up), the IP address that is assigned to the R710 will default back to which conflicts with my router. This causes the outage to persist when the network comes back up until I power cycle the R710. Is there a way to disable this and still be able to assign the device an IP via DHCP? Could it be that the DHCP lease expires and I would simply need to give it a longer lease?


Valued Contributor

Hi Anthony,

It's not possible to change the default IP address of the AP.

As you suggest, either providing a static IP to the AP, changing your Router IP (perhaps to or have a longer lease time for your DHCP addresses, providing it won't result in DHCP pool exhaustion. This will depending on how many devices are on your network.

Hope that helps,