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R600 Unleashed - Functionality Differences?

New Contributor II
Hi All -

New to the Ruckus brand entirely and am curious what functionality (if any) will be lost using a controller less platform such as the R600 unleashed.  Mainly I am concerned about roaming functionality over multiple APs and if that functionality is present in the unleashed line or if a controller (Zone Director?) must be present.

In addition, I am curious how the R600 stacks up against the newer Ubiquiti lineup (UAP-AC-PRO) before I finalize my purchase decision.

Thanks for any comments

New Contributor
Sorry to reply to such an old thread, but I have had both devices "side by side" in the same environment and can say for my experience, there is simply no comparison. The ruckus devices, 5 in an unleashed deployment, are rock solid with great performance; handoff is reasonably seamless (there's a end user device component here, so not entirely up to the infrastructure). The ub devices were flaky and quirky, still far better than the sit on the table home router, but even with a small user base, I wouldn't deploy the ub in an environment where bandwidth will be taxed. Standing in the same place with different WAPs in the same mount in the ceiling, my single antenna AC phone would get 180-200Mbps on the Ruckus and 40-50 Mbps with the UB AC. Not to mention the nearly full enterprise management features that the Ruckus adds. There's certainly a price difference here, so you're paying for the better device, but in the long run, I'm very happy to have switched to Ruckus and would make the same decision again.

Contributor II
As we at Ruckus expected that there are going to be questions about the differences between Unleashed and ZD (WLAN controller) we documented it very clearly at which includes the common features between both Unleashed & ZD, the differences between them, and also Unleashed specific features.

Unleashed Limitations and Deviations from ZoneDirector:

Roaming is fully supported on Unleashed from the day-1 of Unleashed which includes 802.11r, 802.11k, SmartRoam+ (part of 802.11v) and other radio control features like Client Load Balancing, Band Balancing, Background scanning, Self-Healting, etc