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R510 Unleashed?

New Contributor
I watched some of the videos for Unleashed yesterday morning and was really excited about trying it out small scale (2-3 APs) but then I found out that it was only really supported on a subset of your APs, and of the Wave 2, only the 710.

I can see why the R610 wouldn't have the update since it was just released, but the press releases say the R510 was available back in July, and apparently the R710, which just got support recently, was available more than a year ago. That leaves me with some concerns that this is more or less being abandoned in favor of the paid cloud option (which I don't want here, I already use Meraki for those needs and am very happy).

Crossing my fingers for a "launching next week" reply.

Contributor II

I want to update you that R510 is now supported in Unleashed portfolio as well. 

Esteemed Contributor II
See all 12 currently supported Unleashed AP models on the Support portal Product page:

Indoor:       R310, R500, R510, H510, R600, R710
Outdoor:    T300, T300e, T301s, T301n, T710, T710s