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R510 Problems with Apple product

New Contributor


I have 22 AP in the building, devices are R510 unleashed,
On windows laptops everything is working fine, but client who has a mac book, have a connectivity issues, for example: low speed or sometimes they are losting WIFI SSID.
I am testing both windows and mac from the same place 
and MAC has a four times less speed on the same AP.
I try to update firmware and now version is, But the problem still remains


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @George75 

Can you try by disabling "802.11r" on the SSID and check the issue with the apple client.

I have same problem with R510, Apple products work very poorly.
I try to disable 802.11r, but nothing changed, problem is still remains 

Hi @soulcage57 
It looks like a different issue, is it possible to open a support case so that we can look into the issue.