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R320 Unleashed

New Contributor

Good morning,

 I have  a No. 4 R320 in unleashed mode (fw:, I added an R310 (fw: but the controller says "Not Supported".

The web page of R320 says "Building the Unleashed Network. It may take a few minutes", how can I solve?

Thank you.


Contributor III

I would take the R310 offline and try rebooting all 4 R320 from the POE switch.

The highest firmware that the R310 supports is (you can't add it or unless you downgrade all the R320 to and then you can add r310. However that means you are stuck at that firmware)

New Contributor III

New Contributor

I have replaced a R310 with a new R320, so where I Can find a fw? There is not on the website.

Thank You

Ruckus hasn't pushed on their websites yet... for some reason only selected APs got through unleashed online upgrade.... I haven't bothered to upgrade yet and stuck to 212 for til they released it on the websites. I would rather wait since sees there's some kernel panic issues..