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R310 will not connect to unleashed network after factory reset.

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I have an unleashed network of 9 APs all running the last firmware R310_200. All working well.  Trying to add another AP and normally they connect and automatically join the unleashed network. This new AP will not. 

It successfully receives DHCP address from DHCP server. I can ssh to the DHCP address using the default "super/sp-admin" credentials. but the AP restarts constantly and never joins the unleashed AP. 

All APs have the same firmware. 
All APs are using the same US countrycode for the WiFi 
All APs are on the same PoE switch.  

I do not know what else I can try.  The troublesome unit will work as a master if I run through the initial setup wizard but this is not what my goal is. I would like this to join the existing unleashed network. 

Many thanks for any pointers. 



RUCKUS Team Member


If the AP can ping the Master IP, then try setting the Master IP on the problematic AP and see if it connects.
Here is the command set director x.x.x.x (Where x.x.x.x is the Master IP)